Glove Series

LOW DERMA™ Protection Against Fentanyl nitrile gloves focus on the importance of providing reliable gloves to users by offering functional benefits with proper regulatory compliance. The Fentanyl Series is tested with the most stringent test methods to simulate worst-case scenarios on accidental Fentanyl exposure.

Tested Against Gastric Acid  |  Tested Against Injectable Fentanyl Citrate Solutions  |  NFPA Compliant  | 
Tested with Chemotherapy Drugs Permeation  
|  Enhanced Visual Contrast Ability  | 
Mask Blood, Dye & Stain  
|  Improve Equipment Handling Experience  |  Low Dermatitis Potential  |  Better Concentration On Task

LOW DERMA™ Technology enhanced nitrile glove is constantly portrayed as a creative innovation. The Berry Series becomes the Technology’s first glove collection that infuses the concept of Uniqueness & In-Trend Professional Image into nitrile gloves. Berry Series focuses on vogue colour selection and the ability to provide optimum performance and protection to glove users.

Low Particle Counts  |  Low Ionic Content  |  Low Endotoxin  |  Electrostatic Discharge Property  | 
Eliminate Potential Risk of Corrosion  
|  Excellent Biohazard Barrier Protection