LOW DERMA™ is our identity to personalise our epitome of protection. The art of this technology has transformed it into an innovation breakthrough from conventional practices, that further extends its essence into protection that benefits the entire ecosystem. Our principle on LOW DERMA™ accentuates the fundamental needs for CLEAN and SAFE protection for all skin types. With this, we set our identity apart from others, a vision of revolutionary technology befitting the public with the rights to a safer protection.

    LOW DERMA™ enhanced nitrile gloves are the proprietary technology invented to care for the health and well-being of glove users and empower them with the “Confidence” in pursuing their passion. Ensuring the reliability of this technology, LOW DERMA™ enhanced nitrile gloves meet U.S. FDA 510(K), ASTM, EN and ISO requirements at respective field of use, on its ability in providing an all-round protection to glove users of world leading brands.


    Formulated as PURE as possible, LOW DERMA™ enhanced nitrile gloves eliminate the potential of Type I (latex allergy) & Type IV Hypersensitivities (delayed hypersensitivity). With this remarkable technology, LOW DERMA™ enhanced nitrile gloves can achieve if not exceed the barrier integrity of natural rubber latex gloves crosslinked with Sulphur and Chemical Accelerators (thiuram, thiazoles & carbamate).

    Believing in the ability of ‘Stretching Limits’, the journey of protection will continue through innovations in achieving the ultimate solution in hand protection.

    Technology Values