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1st September 2016, Thursday

LOW DERMA™ Technology Official Launch and Press Conference was held in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. The launch has introduced a new patented technology to address and solve the issue of glove-induced allergies concerning both occupational and non-occupational users. This technology emphasises on the elimination of Sulphur and Chemical Accelerators in gloves which causes Type IV Hypersensitivity; and the substitution of natural rubber latex with synthetic latex has allowed the elimination of Type I Hypersensitivity caused by latex proteins. The LOW DERMA™ Technology enhanced nitrile gloves is the first to be granted “Low Dermatitis Potential” claim by the United States Food and Drugs Administration (U.S. FDA).

Guests from governmental and non-governmental sectors were furnished with educational sharing related to glove-induced allergies and information on the ability of this technology to address those issues. At the press conference, Tan Sri Lim Kuang Sia, CEO of KOSSAN further explained that there will be continuous innovation to ensure the technology will deliver the best solution to the glove users. Meanwhile, LOW DERMA™ Technology will continue to obtain more accreditations from reputable organisations to give glove users the confidence towards the LOW DERMA™ Technology. He also mentioned that the journey of the technology does not end at the launch as the mission is to ensure the LOW DERMA™ Technology enhanced nitrile gloves is easily accessible by the public and occupational groups. In line with the mission, efforts of extensive educational activities, information access, clinical testing and endorsements of the LOW DERMA™ Technology will be conducted.

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