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29th August 2017

According to Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA), the estimated global rubber glove consumption for year 2017 will be expected at 232.2 billion pieces of gloves. Among all the consumers, health care industry is one of the largest consumer and it is also the primary focus when it comes to glove-induced allergies as a result of consumers’ long hours skin exposure to gloves. Majority of the consumers working in the health care industry have minimal knowledge about glove allergies (a type of contact dermatitis) due to the lack of awareness. As a result, many health care professionals are left unnoticed, not knowing that such hand allergies are very likely caused by surfactants, chemical additives and/or latex proteins found in their current glove use.

Another emerging concern that captured LOW DERMA™ attention is the struggle of sensitised-healthcare professionals in search of a solution to address their concern on contact dermatitis. As many see gloves as a commodity product, the common glove- supply practices have left this group of sensitised-healthcare professionals with no choice but to continue using the existing glove supplies. For some, the idea of forging out money to buy various types of glove, hoping to find a solution to address their allergy issues has become a day to day battle. Apart from health concern, subconsciously these sensitised-healthcare professionals are trying to lift up their confidence which has been tarnished by their poor skin condition.

LOW DERMA™ Technology belief that every healthcare professionals deserve a protection that can put them at ease when they are saving other peoples’ lives. This is when a pair of gloves become the determinant of confidence. Our educational initiatives will continue to bring awareness to the healthcare industry only with one very simple purpose, that is to give glove users the “Confidence In Pursuing Their Passion”.

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