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22 - 24 April 2019

The illicit Fentanyl crisis in recent years has become an alarming life-risk to many first responders and law enforcement officers across the world. However, in the market, there is a lack of reliable glove that meets proper regulatory requirements. Majority of these glove user are currently using conventional gloves or gloves with fentanyl resistant claims but are not well regulated. LOW DERMA™ Technology team started to address the issue of reliability of the current gloves made available in the market. The team is determined to make LOW DERMA™ a trusted technology, has since become the first to obtain a well-regulated nitrile glove with U.S. FDA 510(K) clearance with ‘Protection Against Fentanyl’ claim. The Technology gloves are tested using ASTM D6978 with injectable Fentanyl Citrate and Solutions to simulate the real-life worst-case scenario.

Berryblue, Berryblack (Berry Series) and Classic HR nitrile were introduced to visitors during the show. The importance of visual contrast ability which functioned as the primary indicator for glove change during possible illicit Fentanyl handling has become an essential part of the show. Although the likelihood of powdered Fentanyl absorption through the skin may be low, the risk of inhaling such dangerous drug and its analogues can highly likely be fatal. As LOW DERMA™ only provide essential features to specific glove users, our Fentanyl Series is also tested against gastric acid and is with NFPA compliant to promote functional-use. The visitors are highly interested in LOW DERMA™ Technology, and the team has begun to receive enquiries after the first day of the exhibition.

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